Parental Education - Rosalin Child Development and Rehabilitation Centre

Home Exercise Program For Autistic/ADHD Children

    Home exercise program is a child specific plan but we are trying to make common home exercise plan for children with autism which would be useful for many parents, you can follow with consultation of your Occupational Therapist. We are dividing home exercise program into Vestibular HEP, Proprioceptive HEP, Tactile HEP, Oral HEP.

    Key Points:

    1. Children will benefit from participating in sensory diet activities a minimum of five times per day. For example: 1. before school, 2.during school lunch time, 3. after school, 4. at evening, 5. at night.
    2. It is recommended to spend approximately 10 minutes for diet.

    HEP for Vestibular system:

    1. Sit on a large therapy ball or inner tyre tube with your feet flat on the floor. Bounce up and down on the ball in a rhythmical manner.
    2. Encourage child to swing on playground swings, trying various types of swings and movements, such as front to back and side to side.
    3. Child can spin on office chair. Can run in circles, ride a carousel (merry go round). Hold child’s arm and spin in a circle as he lifts off the ground, or play airplane by holding child from chest & waist on your forearm, spin at same place.

    HEP for Proprioceptive system:

    1. Proprioceptive input can be obtained by lifting, pushing, and pulling heavy objects, including one’s own weight. A child can also stimulate the proprioceptive sense by engaging in activities that push joints together like pushing something heavy or pull joints apart like hanging from monkey bars.
    2. Push on Chair or push on bed
    3. Wheel barrow walk
    4. Thera-band pulling activity
    5. Joint compression
    6. Bed sheet wrap & gym ball pressing

    HEP for Tactile system:

    1. Messy play with textures - Have her play with foamy soap or shaving cream, and add sand for extra texture. Have her finger-paint, play with glitter glue.
    2. Letter formation with Play-Doh/Theraputty activity.
    3. Get in touch with nature - Encourage him to walk barefoot in the grass (avoiding pesticide applications), sand, or dirt. Have him garden and repot indoor plants

    HEP for Oral Sensitivity:

    Food and drink: Provide your child with frozen foods (frozen fruit or vegetables) and mixed temperature food.

    Try crunchy & pulpy food items

    HEP for Auditory Processing:

    Listen to natural sound recordings: There are many recordings of rain falling, ocean waves, bird songs, light instrumentation with flutes, sitar etc.

    Play a listening game: You and your child sit very quietly and try to identify the sounds you hear (traffic, the hum of the refrigerator, a door shutting, etc.) and where it’s coming from.

    Listen to Calming music.